Sunday, May 31, 2020

Never Stop Exploring

 So here is my other copy that I am keeping.  There are many differences between the 2.  Same idea just different from each other.  I had to make up for the mistake of making my ocean water paper too short, so I put a wave behind it so I could lift the photo higher for more room for my fishies :)

I have all the details for everything on the other copy I am selling.

This is Jasmine in the Caribbean while visiting El Salvador in 2018.

Never Stop Exploring

 When I got my DCWV Zodiac paper and saw this moon, I immediately saw Christian Reese Lassen's work in my mind. I also knew I wanted to use this photo of Jasmine at the Caribbean in 2018 with it. Of course I could have used a sun setting into the water, but that isn't as fun and cool as it being the moon instead.  Why not make it out of this world, whimsical and totally different.  I went digging into some of my old calendars to find one of his I kept just for scrapping.  It was from 2003.  I cut most of all this marine life from it.  The coral and planets were printed off the internet.
This is the copy I am selling.
Jasmine in El Salvador 2018.
 I love googly eyes, they are so cute and whaky so whatever fish was big enough he got them haha.
 My friend Dria suggested to make some rocks coming out of the photo.  It was a brilliant idea, so I came up with using torn cardboard, painted them, added some silverish highlights with some sort of powder I have, then I thought of adding moss.  So I found my flower soft and glued some on.  They turned out pretty realistic I think.  She also told me where and what Prills are so I bought 13 lol.  I used the granite ones around the rocks at the end.  And to make sure they don't come off, I covered them in mod podge.
 My friend Dria is a genius!  Her next suggestion was to make my own seaweed.  I don't have any die cuts to make them but she told me I could just cut some out with scalloped scissors.  So I did that and didn't stop there.  I went through all of my punches and thought the rope would work and I sort of accidentally made what you see here in blue and orange.  I tried to twine them up and add dimension with inking.  Some sequins ended up on them and prills and shells were also added.
 I painted the outside of the moon with silver glitter paint.  This page is extremely 3 dimensional.  Everything on this page has it's own "pop".  The paint coming off the photo was also something Dria suggested and she introduced me to Cosmic Shimmer products.  The gold paint is one of them.  The orange glow was from a mist.
 This star is from Creative Embellishments.  I used the silver glitter paint and added the Cosmic Shimmer gold Lustre Poish. The green planet had some moons on it that looked more like warts so I covered them with a pearl and rhinestone.
 Here is an idea of all the layers.
 The blueish silver paint is a Cosmic Shimmer paste.  I love it!  It was able to make a really cool texture to make the wave come alive.
 I painted all the seashells.
 Here I mixed lots of colors of Prills for sandy texture.  I added a pearl to the shell for fun.
 These 3D glue foam stickers are ready to adhere a photo.
On sale!

All of Me Loves All of You

 Here is my copy to keep.  There are lots of smaller differences since I didn't have 2 of the exact same thing in all the embellishments.  The first copy has all of the details plus the info for the challenge I did with my daughter.
Cali at 6 months in 2013 from one of her photo shoots I did of her.

2 the Moon & Back

 My now 18 yo daughter Gisselle (lazygirl-scraps)
(has stepped into the dark side with me and is a scrapper now (only took 18 years of begging and bribing hahaha)!!!  YAY!  She is really super good too (but of course she has an amazing teacher lol).  We challenged each other to a challenge where we both had the same materials, photo, and had to incorporate certain things on our page.  We had to use 5 or more flowers, make our own moon, use one of our journal cards, a fairy, dream catcher, tulle and that sparkly moon button.
It was fun but actually pretty hard.  I kept wanting to change the rules and even got my way with a couple of things lol ;)  But then I had to allow her to do the same.  I can't remember everything I added but I am sure if you ask her she will sure remember lol.  I know she was allowed to use another photo, but I kept the original one.  So I win! j/k ;) bahahaha.  
This is the page I am selling.

This is Cali at 6 months in 2013 during another photo shoot I did of her.
 I used Prima's Moon child, DCWV Starlight and 49 & Market.
 I made my own moon stencil to cradle the photo.  The moon charm dangling there is supposed to look like a mobile.  I split the page with "night and day" sides.
 I hand stitched around the page.  The feathers soften things up and makes everything more dreamy.  The purple flower is 49&M.  The two on either side are Prima.  The rhinestone sprig is from Hobby Lobby in the wedding section.
 The tulle is peeking out of the areas I pulled the paper back by scrunching the paper together.  I also added some lace for another layer.  I added a silver ribbon  around each scrunch and used stars on the top.
 This silver moon is the button I mentioned that we got at Walmart.  The title is from the Prima Love Clippings journal cards.  I made it into a circle, adding silver glitter paint to make it glow.  The flow of each moon next to one anther on this design kind of looks like the different phases of the moon.
 I ordered the fairy and dream catcher from ebay.  I added the glitter and rhinestones.  The heart design punched around the border left tiny confetti hearts behind so I used them as fairy dust coming from her holding the star.
 This page is very thick with lots of 3D layers. I recycled used cardboard to make everything pop.

 This is for Sale :)

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Christmas is in the Heart

 And of course you know I can't make one to sell without one to keep lol.  There are only a few differences, but mainly it is all the same.  Lots of Prima, Recollections, Jolee's, 49 & Market and Pebbles.

This is my great niece, Saylor Grace in Dec 2019.
 These acorns are Winters Edge Laser cuts by 49&M.  The title and Poinsettia are Christmas in the Country by Prima.  The white burlap flower is Prima's Autumn Sunset.
The plaid paper is Autumn Sunset.  I hand stitched around the paper to try and replicate Saylor's pj's.  I wanted it to look like the booty part of a onesie.  The colors went well with the gingerbread men and they are just super cute to go with a baby.

The cute little gingerbread man is Recollections.  The sprigs were finds on a Christmas clearance sale.
The big flower is Recollections.  The brown one is Prima's Autumn Sunset.


 What's up friends!?!  So when Prima's Christmas in the country line came out, I of course had to have it.  I had big plans for everything and ended up barely using any of it for this page.  Guess I veered off track lol.  I kept it country like though.  This page is the copy I am selling.

This is my great niece at one year old in Dec 2019.
 The white paper is from that Prima line and the red poinsettias too.  When I got this photo I knew I had paper to match her cute little pj's.  The matching paper is Prima's Autumn Sunset.  I tried to replicate the booty part of the pj's that is held together with buttons, sort of pulling apart showing off what's underneath.  The colors went too perfect to pair up with gingerbread men and they look so cute with a baby, so I had to use them.  The gingerbread paper is from Holly Jolly Pebbles.  The wooden snowflakes are Recollections and I added white and gold Jolee's snowflakes on top of them.
 I hand stitched around the paper to try to make it look more like the fabric to her pj's.  I used ink and cut holes around the Recollections wooden buttons to try to make it look more real too.
 I added some lace and burlap for more layers.  The sprigs were from Christmas clearance sales.
 The big flower and sparkly gingerbread man is Recollections and the white one is Prima Autumn Sunset.
 The bells were also part of those sprigs.  And I got the brown burlap flowers  from Tuesday Morning.  I think they are a Little Birdies product.  The acorns are also part of the Christmas clearance.
 The cute little tree is a felt Jolee's sticker.  
 This tag said Christmas Cookies, but I used a small scrap of paper to cover that part.
This is for sale :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


 This is the second page, the one that I am keeping.  It is very similar to the first copy, using the Prima Autumn Sunset line.

Again, this is Saylor Grace, my great niece in Oct 2019 at 10 months old.
 Dusty Attic bird bath over a couple Prima journal cards with matching chipboard stickers and some TH pumpkins.
 This is Creative Embellishments lattice chipboard.  It inked it with TH green alcohol ink.
 I didn't have enough of the same color eyelets as the other page so I went lighter here.

 The gold nest is a Prima paperclip.