Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love Card

Ever notice that cards have gotten really expensive to buy at the store?  Well this past Valentine's Day, I sure did!  I was searching for one to buy my husband and just couldn't fathom the idea of spending $5 for one, especially when it looked like something I could try making myself.  So here it is, my first card ever.   This thing took me 3 hours and a whole lot of patience that I didn't have.  Anyway, he better treasure this dang thing FOREVER lol!!!    
I used a lot of 3-D dots, just to make the card less flat and to be able to tuck in different embellishes behind others.  I did some light script stamping as part of the bg.  I also broke in my new Smash Book date stamp, that I have been hoarding forever.

I used metallic cord to tie the key and lock together, so it dangles above the title.