Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lacing Tutorial

Supplies needed:
1. tape
2. string/thread
3. strong glue/adhesive
4. needle to fit the string
5. papers you will use for the lacing

It is so much easier if you poke holes in the paper with your needle before lacing. That way you have a guideline to go by. Make sure you stay away from getting too close to the edge. Please note: you can add more as you go along if you need to or subtract some if it isn't working out.

Here I am gluing the far edges of the papers I will be lacing making them into flaps.

This is how your papers will look once you are done gluing the edges, by making them into flaps. The middle piece also needs to be glued down.

Scotch tape the string to the back of the flap close to the hole where you will start from.

Start lacing by zig will skip a hole each time on each side.

One way is done!! Now you will go back up, threading through the holes you skipped.
Important note:
If you run out of string don't panic. Just bring your needle through the bottom paper (mine is the black one), making sure you are still aligned with your zigzags and doing it under one of your flaps. Tape the string, get a new one, tape that and go back through right near where you left off.

Tape the end to the back of the paper you last threaded the needle through. Make sure you tighten the string.

Finished!! Notice that it is not perfect...I think it gives it more character when it has a messy look.

Extra touch:

I decided to add a ribbon...I wove it through the string...gluing the ends under the paper.


  1. Awesome Cheryl!!!!!!! Love the added ribbon too!!!!!

  2. Yayyyy! you first tutorial! awesome gil! i'm going to try one of these days! the extra ribbon was a great touch too! i got to see you hand! lol... your guera just like me! :) keep those tutorials coming your vey good at it! have a geat fiday y weekend girl! big hugs! going to get ready to take Natty to her doctors appointment she getting some shots! hugs girl!

  3. Cheryl this is soo awesome!!!!!!! Your tutorial is make the lacing look so easy!! Wonderful work my friend! ((HUGS)) Angelica

  4. Thank you Cheryl! I'm going to try this!

  5. thank you so much cheryl for this wonderful tut... you make it look easy, just hope i can make it look as good as yours, not much for sewing, but i really love the look of this. have to try, thank you so much, hugs carrie