Sunday, February 27, 2011

Us ~ Scraps of Darkness

I wanted to do something totally different, so this is what I came up with. I made this for Celina's Steam Punk challenge at which the subject is timeless love. I used all sorts of SOD scraps, that I refuse to throw away to make this design. It took me forever to finish this page, with all the little details and trying to line up everything perfectly. And you have to glue every little inch down to make this look right and stay together.

My husband and I, Jan 2011.

The gears move, which is fun to play with. I used crackle paint on the heart, then inked over it with black soot. I used a lot of metal embellies throughout the page. The white lace in the peek a boo, is the backing of a real lace sticker, too good to throw away.

On the crown I used crackle accents on top of gold ink and glimmer glam paint. I tried to stitch here and there, with different colors and patterns. The blue fuse came from my dad's trash. I thought it would work well with Steam Punk.

The Eiffel Tower was misted with an aqua Shimmerz mist and didn't show up well, so I traced over it with a pen. This chain is a broken piece I found laying around and I attached it to the Love charm that broke off a bookmark.

I used my screw brads to connect the wire that was another piece of my dad's garbage.
It is fun to really use up scraps!!! I try to waste nothing!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Hope

Here is page #6 that I created from the Telltale Heart kit which I was honored to Guest Design for. I am so excited on how this page turned out. I spent a lot of time creating this. I hand stitched around the page, which I made a tutorial of that can be found here or over at This is Gisselle on her B-day Sep 2010.

I cut up the ZVA flourish to show more beads. Love these Prima flowers.

I did a lot of different distressing to the papers. Here are the layers.

Tutorial - Hand stitching around the page

1. paper you want to sew around (already inked and distressed the way you want)
2. tape
3. pencil
4. scissors (cutting the thread)
5. thread
6. needle

Draw a curvy/squiggly line on one edge of the paper.

Draw a slightly more straighter line through the curvy one.

Poke holes through the straighter line, using your needle.

After threading your needle, you can tape the end of the thread to the back of your paper. Start sewing, going in and out each hole, starting from one end of the poked line.

Here is how that straighter line looks when completed. Next, use your needle to poke holes in the curvy line.

Using the same method as before, sew.
If you ever run low on thread, tape the end to the back of the paper, thread your needle again, tape it, and continue.

You can always make another hole if you need to as you go along.

Here is how it should look with both lines finished.
Now repeat these steps for the other 3 sides of your paper.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Blood & Sand

This has to be my favorite page I made from this kit the Telltale Heart. I was so honored to guest design again and loved every minute of it. I made this for the new challenge over at SOD called A Dark Love Story. I had a very hard time trying to make a picture work for the papers I wanted to use for this theme. So I was about to use the images of the characters I chose, and my husband said why don't we dress up and I will photo shop the pics so you can use that. WOW!! Brilliant idea! So this is my first real photo shoot with some editing. I love how the pics turned out. I did some majoring distressing to the page...some painting, stamping blood, misting, wet distress work, tearing and inking.
Here is the story of Spartacus and his wife Sura: He is a man from Thrace who goes to war against the Romans, back in ancient times, and he stands up against his enemy and they take his beloved wife. She is sent into slavery and he is sent to Italy to be executed. Well he ends up fighting his way out of execution and becomes a gladiator. He does all of this in hopes of one day getting her back, always hearing her voice "Kill them all". Then out of good standing Spartacus' owner returns her to him, but before they meet, the owner has her killed because he does not want to loose his best gladiator.

Please join us at

Pictured below are the real characters and us.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Crushed Love

Here is my 4th page made from the Telltale Heart kit that I guest designed for. As you can see this kit is full of romantic possibilities. The pin was made by Mandy, isn't it gorgeous!?! I love the ornate silver frame and all the beautiful papers. The color add on is just amazing and so much fun. The cupid mask was purchased separately from SOD's shoppe. Please come by the site and see for yourself. Link: This is my husband and I at the Angels Baseball game that I was a contestant in to try to win a brand new house, which I didn't succeed. Sep 2010

I laced up the heart using my own string.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Sweet Devil?

Here it is....another page made from The Telltale Heart kit that I was honored to Guest Design for. I made this to enter in Celina's Dark Side Challenges, one at and the other at Both of which the theme is a dark heart. So instead of the normal cupid, I scrapped my little devil lol. These papers were screaming to be laced and I came up with this design awhile back, waiting for the right time to use it. The ribbon, jeweled brads, hinges, a couple of white roses and hearts were from my stash. The barbed wire and raven are from DA and were bought separately at the Scraps of Darkness store. Please stop in and fill in your imagination and heart's desire with all sorts of possibilities. Link:

This is Jasmine in Oct 2010.

I loved using the color add on kit that I got for this month. I used it on my hinges, raven, hearts and some white roses that I painted to make red ones....just like the Queen of Hearts lol.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Believe in Love

I am so excited to share with you that I was asked to be a Guest Designer again for this month's kit called The Telltale Heart. This kit is to die for gorgeous!! I drooled all over everything that came in this kit, including all the add-ons (which you don't want to miss out on either). I hardly slept for days because my heart and soul wanted to create. Please join us over at Scraps of Darkness. We are waiting for you!!! Link:

This page was created using the sketch provided by Suepup. I loved it!!! Her sketch is incredible!! I tried to create a little bit of my own flare too. My kids June 2010

These papers were screaming at me to be laced up so here is my lacing.

With the title Believe in Love it was only appropriate to add a fairy. I used Glitter Glaze Pewter to gloss up and glam out the fairy. Provided with the color add-on.

Suepup's sketch!!!!

Scraps of Darkness *Feb Kit* ~ Family Night

I am so happy to announce that I was asked to Guest Design again, for this months fabulous kit called The Telltale Heart. I am telling you this kit is to die for!!!! I drooled all over everything that came in this kit, including all the add-ons (which you don't want to miss out on). I hardly slept for days because my soul and heart wanted to create. Please join us over at Scraps of Darkness....we are waiting for you! Link:

This page was created for the newest challenge called Skeletons in your closet. Any one can participate!! The prompt for this month is Drama!! So I decided to use one of my many not so good experiences, with taking the kids out to make this page. Hidden Journal: Drama at Mimi's What would a night out with the family be without drama? Whether it is with tears, screams or puke, it is always a night to remember. So here's the story: Gisselle and Jasmine went to the restroom while the rest of us sat at a nearby table. Moments later, we hear screams. Papi runs to them finding them crying. What happened? Gisselle was on the toilet and it flushed automatically, scaring her and since she freaked out, Jasmine did too. Needless to say, the whole resturant gave us "the look", so this is why we stay home. Feb 2010

I cut out these flowers and added the tiny mirrors for leaves. I used the Prima stencils to make the frame around the photo.

I added glitter mod podge to this beautiful heart.

Reveal Day!!!

I am so happy to announce that I am once again a Guest Designer for Scraps of Darkness!! This month's kit is called The Telltale Heart in honor of Valentine's Day. This is an early release so you can be sure to get all your goodies in time for the holiday. Please check back for posts that I created using this amazing kit!!! In the meantime please go to the site and check it out, everyone is welcome...we won't bite, unless you ask lol. There are also kit add-ons you won't want to miss out be sure to take a peek.

This is the main kit:

A Dream Come True ~ Scraps of Darkness

I am so excited about this Jan White Magic kit. I just love how well everything goes with my mom's wedding photos. This page flowed together very easily for me....I hope I did my mom's photo justice. June 1960

I used a heart doily to mask inside this circle with a silver mist.

These were by far my favorite embellishes in this kit. All Prima and gorgeous.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here Comes the Bride ~ Scraps of Darkness

Here is my first page using the Jan Winter Magic kit. I saw all these soft white papers and embellies and new that some formal wedding photos were needing to be scrapped. This is inspired by the sketch created by Mandy. I hand stitched around the page. The lace, pearls, feathers, metal embellish, small alphas and white tulle were from my stash. This is my mom, her MOD and flower girl. Her brother was the one who walked her down the aisle. Unfortunately back in June 1960 when this ceremony took place, no pictures were allowed to be taken inside the church.

for the smaller flowers, I added tulle and a pearl. I painted the alphas that came from a previous kit, white and added shimmery glitter.

The journaling stickers were from a previous kit....Anticipating spending a life time together.