Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tutorial - Hand stitching around the page

1. paper you want to sew around (already inked and distressed the way you want)
2. tape
3. pencil
4. scissors (cutting the thread)
5. thread
6. needle

Draw a curvy/squiggly line on one edge of the paper.

Draw a slightly more straighter line through the curvy one.

Poke holes through the straighter line, using your needle.

After threading your needle, you can tape the end of the thread to the back of your paper. Start sewing, going in and out each hole, starting from one end of the poked line.

Here is how that straighter line looks when completed. Next, use your needle to poke holes in the curvy line.

Using the same method as before, sew.
If you ever run low on thread, tape the end to the back of the paper, thread your needle again, tape it, and continue.

You can always make another hole if you need to as you go along.

Here is how it should look with both lines finished.
Now repeat these steps for the other 3 sides of your paper.



  1. Wow girl!!!! All that hand stitching is so awesome!!!!
    You are totally rocking SOD!!! Each page of yours is getting better and better!!!


  2. Stop with your bad self you make it look so easy!!!

  3. This is a great tut!! I want to try this really soon, tfs!!!

  4. i want to venture into the world of hand stitching....ths honestly makes it look so easy....im going to really try this!!