Monday, September 20, 2010

Star Award

This was given to me by Cindy ( who creates the most interesting historical pages ever. I need to answer 2 questions:
1. What is the best project I ever made?
The lo I made of Gisselle called Sweet or Troublemaker. I think that page really showed off my favorite style, I spent a very long time creating it and those pics are some of my faves.
2. Why do I scrapbook?
I just love escaping my crazy life and calming down by creating these pages of memories to last forever.
Now I need to pass this award to 3 people. This part was very hard for me since I would like to give this to all my friends, so I narrowed it down to the ones that inspired and helped me create my blog:
1. Jodi ( for believing in me to create my blog. Plus your los rock in creativity!!!!
2. Karen ( for patiently helping me create my blog. And having so much knowledge and beauty in all your pages.
3. Veronica ( for being there with me to figure this blog thing out together lol. You have such a warm heart and it shows in all of your artwork.


  1. Awwww.... thank you Cheryl!!!!! Love you!!! and your blog looks awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome girl! thank you for thinking about me! remember i'm always here for you! ;) big hugs!!!