Friday, January 5, 2018

Our New Home

 This page was made as an example for the Most Memorable Memory of 2017 challenge I am hosting over at for a chance to win a RAK.  For me, it was the day we got the key to our new house in July.  We went through a ton of issues trying to find/get a house that was right for us.  There were tons of headaches and heartaches trying to get to this day.  For Andrew, it was difficult for him to let go of the old house, since it was the only house he ever knew.  We lived there for 13 years so there were a ton of memories, good and bad, in every corner of that house.  Our hearts were empty without having the girls living with us anymore and it was painful living in the shadows of my ex.  Moving into our new home was a breath of fresh air, the beginning of our new lives, just the 2 of us.  It was a downsize, which was welcoming and its a very lived in home, so it's needed some work, but it's ours so we can do as we wish to it.  Also, it is in a another city, so it has been refreshing to not run into people who know us and not have to be reminded of what our family once was.  Andrew is now in a new school and doing better than he has ever had before with almost all straight A's.  I found my passion for scrapbooking again which is huge!!!  I lost it for several years, but found happiness here in our new home, which gave me my desire to create again.  I turned our dining room into my own girly space with part of it being a library/reading nook and the other part as a scrap room instead of having a traditional dining space.  I decorated it super girly chic, something I could never have done before.  Our new lives began here, the day we got the key, which has been nothing but positive for the both of us.
 I got all these "new home" stickers from Joann's.  The tags are 7 Gypsies.  I used a Prima brick mask to blend in some ink to the background paper.
 This was the actual key the day we got it.  I of course had the locks changed since then and kept the old key to use as a real scrap.
 Here are some actual old, used stamps from my stamp collection.  I have enjoyed  using them on some of my recent pages and found them very fitting for this Tim Holtz's Parcel Post Rate Chart background paper.  I punched half circles in the background to make it look like one huge stamp, adding hand stitches around the entire page twice.
 All the flowers are Prima.
 The bg paper had this United States map.  I outlined CA and marked an X for our new city on it.  The flash card, finger pointer and the hole punch reinforcers are all Tim Holtz.
This Noteworthy card is by Tim Holtz.  I clipped it with a silver clip and created a pocket behind the photo to keep this journal entry.

Thank you for allowing me to share this most memorable memory of 2017 with you.  :)


  1. Congrats on your new home and new adventure! I always think of changes as an adventure, not so much an end of that part of mt life. Your layout is beautiful. tfs Germaine

  2. P.S. I would love to see your playroom!! Germaine

    1. You are super awesome! I really appreciate the time you took to read my story and then write such wonderfully positive comments. You gave me a great idea for another challenge to host for next month, it will involve taking some pics of my girly playroom to scrap :) Thanks so much Germaine! Hugs, Cheryl